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    Right Moments Photography has been a dream of mine since I was in middle school, and I'm here to share it with all of you!


    Hello Everyone!


    I'm Sidney! I'm a wife, a momma, a daughter and photography enthusiast! In these past few years I've loved turning my passion into a business that supports my family. I take pride in creating imagery that will be around for years to come!


    Here are a few other things about me that you, hopefully, will find strangely endearing:

    • I LOVE fresh fruit 
    • I have an absolutely ridiculous shoe collection for someone who walks around barefoot until the first snowfall
    • I allow 15 minutes before every trip I make to start looking for my car keys
    • I usually find my car keys on the bathroom sink... yeah, I don't know why...
    • I live in a small, white house with my husband, son, and dog
    • In the summer, I wear $2.00 flip flops because there is a 95% chance that I will forget them wherever I am
    • Name a Disney song and prepare for me to sing every word

    I can't wait to create memories with you!

    *Click, Click*

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    Inspired By: Black - Dierks Bentley How Did This Start? I am inspired by so many things in life. Glimmering light, water, music, fabric, movies... lots of things. One of my earliest interests in visual artistry actually came from the Forever And For Always music video by Shania Twain. I...
    It is sort of an unspoken rule that when social media accounts re-brand, they wipe all of the old stuff away. Because you know what they say... out with the old, in with the new. New content, new look, new everything.   I, however, won't be doing that. Because you know what else they say... rules...
    September 7, 2018 · 3
    Why I Suggest "Taking A Moment" Often times when I am asked to photograph a wedding, I am also asked about a timeline. That said-- I'm not going to talk you through my whole wedding timeline building process (this post!) But what I WILL cover, is why I always advise writing in three "special...
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  • Seniors

    Now booking Class of 2019 Senior Portrait Sessions.

    I take pride in creating images that capture the personality of your upcoming graduate!


    Hit pause on the happiest time in your life.

    The love in every glance and gentle caress is worth capturing to keep as a keepsake forever!


    Couples, engagements, & weddings


    As a former nanny, elementary school employee, and current mother, you can bet I've always taken kids seriously.

    Their genuine smiles are what I strive for!



    Your kids grow up fast, life gets busy, and there is nothing like capturing the NOW.

    Portraits that will help you forever remember this very moment!



    You are a part of your brand! Put your face on it! A fun, lighthearted session to capture the face behind the magic of whatever you do!

    Inquire today!



    Weddings are a BIG day in your life. Remember it forever with a gallery of beautiful imagery from Right Moments Photography!


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