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Why I Won't Delete My Old Portfolio

From "yikes," to "that's much better!"

It is sort of an unspoken rule that when social media accounts re-brand, they wipe all of the old stuff away. Because you know what they say... out with the old, in with the new. New content, new look, new everything.


I, however, won't be doing that. Because you know what else they say... rules are meant to be broken!

The Journey

The reason I started this photography blog was to show and share what I'm doing, where I'm at, and most importantly... where I'm going!

Because, I think the images that look like this:

and this:

Are JUST AS IMPORTANT as images that look like this:

and this:

My "brand," is bright, and fun, and all about being every bit of who you are. So my journey will always be visible for the world to see, because it is every bit of me!

My Style

I've taken a lot of time trying to find a style that I love. Years, actually. But I've settled into a style that brings me joy, and it is sort of hard to explain.

I think of my images like memories. When I remember things that I'm fond of, in my head, I see a bright, slightly romanticized version of what it actually was. Remembering things in such a way made me truly appreciate the moment when I'm in it, because I know I can turn it into a beautiful memory in my mind and I try to recreate that in Right Moments images!

My Goals

I've set goals for this business. Goals I plan to achieve. As cheesy as that sounds every time I get to check a box of a physical list that hangs on a corkboard in my home, I do a little dance. This is my dream job and I'm making it happen thanks to all of you! Even just reading this blog post helps me get one step closer to checking the next box off my list!

One Thing Will Never Change

I will never stop learning and my passion will never fade, because I will always remember that this girl:

started the passion that fuels this girl:

*click, click*

- Sidney

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